Saturday, January 5, 2013


I wear UP shoes :D
Aaaaa finally I got UP shoes.. From Dendy. I got it from him for my birthday present <3 UP shoes is the most comfortable shoes, you can buy here . The other style of the shoes has a different name, mine is AYU blue. So, go grab it fast and you will never regret.

Post a lot today because maybe is my last post before finishing my exam national to continue university. So excited and so nervous about it. I'm not gonna tell you where I'm gonna continue my study (yet). So, pray for the best and study harder makes the effort worth. For all of you, I will pray too. God bless you all & me.
In the name of Jesus.

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Love in 2013


Thankyou Mpy for photo-ing me and Dendy during the holiday

Unbranded top & skirt
Jelly ribbon wedges
Jewellry from D