Thursday, December 27, 2012


Lucky me. Now I'm 18th y.o . Thank Jesus that give me this whole life, never enough to do something great for Him. Thanks for all people in my life, teach me to be strong girl, brave one, religious one, make me stand still right now. You all treat me bad or good, make me more strong and learn much about life. So, to all people, thankyou :) may God always bless you all <3

Both cake are given to me from Dendy in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping with my mom singing happy birthday near my bed hihi

Thankyou for all this gift Dendyyy loveyou <3

Oya, thankyou mom and dad for iPhone that you given to me :*

Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's currently my favourite shoes!!
It's a handmade shoes, I look for the material by my ownself and submit it to a person that can make a shoes. All of my shoes (average), just have one single color in each pair of shoes, so now I wanna make many of color in one pair. Tadaaa! And that's the result. I'm quiet excited when my shoes came :D

Handmade shoes

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fegha's Birthday

It's Bibi's birthday party


It's Hello(ween) Garage Sale #2 !!
So excited to know that the event was held again this year, here is the photos but I took the photos not from my camera so the result wasn't good enough plus I attended in the night so the brightness was bad.

Here is my outfit on the first day, the second day I didn't take any photos

I bought 4 clothes just 120K :D