Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spore#3 Day One

Last 24th of August I was there again.. Singapore :)
This time with Dendy , mbakTin and mbakIta :D we had a lot of fun there especially me because it's my 2nd time to be a tourguide :p O ya and we just met Kem, the tourist from Aussie and he followed us from airport till Bugis, he asked us to guide him bcause he knows nothing 'bout spore so I guide him :D so much experience for me :) thankyou Jesus for your opportunity again <3333

We took 2 cameras. Dendy's and mine, so here is the photos from both and o ya from iphone too :)

Always walkiiiing :D
And after around in Bugis we went to Chinatown, shopped part 2 :)

Finallyyyyyyy!!! I just finally found Ann Siang Hill street! Thanks to Dendy the reliable reader of the map :p

There are more days :)