Thursday, July 19, 2012


WOLHAAA!! This is my aunty , she is an artist ,mostly act at OPERA VAN JAVA Trans7
When she came to Solo she went to my house and I asked her for a photo in my bedroom :p

Sunday, July 15, 2012


These pictures overnight when the event of slup-slup an to announce my new home :p held last night in front of my house (yard) with a tent , hundreds of seats , stage in our pavilion , MC , keroncong&campursari artist , catering and many more. And... one thing that make me sad is the costs that we used for catering can be used for holiday to Singapore for 2 peoples aaaaaaa very wasteful if just for food :(

our pavilion

Me and Tesa escaped for a while to looked Aslan up, ooooouch and Aslan slept :D
Our helper at home :D

Very busy, bustled and crowded in the kitchen and in the garden behind my house to prepared the food
little cousin
Mom, aunty-aunty
Bu Waljinah
My gorgeous granny :* Jujuk Juwariyah
The MC, om Buyung

Photograph by me & omrinto just little bit :p
Thankyou for all that has been present :)))


These photographs were taken at my room before the event at my home, "slup-slup an" , to announce officially my new home :D
Me & Tesa wore same cloth from her mom's boutique ,named SASETI :)
my wonderful mom :*

Saseti's tops
Unbranded semi-short-skirt
Jelly ribbon wedges