Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy 37th Birthday mama!! :D
May 06th, 2012
healthy longevity continues to increase steadily continued in the Lord and always be my super mom: *

Aaaaaaa really sorry mom I just bought you 2 slice of bread :p
The story is, Saturday May 5 me and Dendy just watched The Avengers till 11pm at SoloSquare because it was a long movie -_- Nah, we're really confused to looking for the bakery which is still open at that time, finally we back again to SoloSquare and bought bread in Excelso and bought candles at indomart which was open 24hours and I went home at almost 00.00 and just that time I sang Happy Birthday to my mom and woke her up -___-

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