Thursday, March 15, 2012

Singapore#1 , January 2012

January 27th ,2012 me and my mom went to Singapore , it gift for my 17 birthday :D I'd rather took some holiday at Singapore than made a sweet17 party, that's my option and wouldn't regret :D I just went to Singapore only with my mom caused by my father too busy to join, my grandmom will take some holiday in Japan at July 2012 so she wont take a holiday in a same year (and she just going to SG before me :p), my little cousins prepared for their UN and my sister did too. Soooo just me and my mom that ready to gooo. Here is some photos I took at Singapore with mom :)

that's the money that I took w my own self , the other are my mom who took with. haha



I took this photo at bumble bee's stand , and the best part at USS is The Ride 4D at Transformers!!!! that's the best fun ,attractive game that I'd ever tried!


at Suntec

at Suntec

at Singapore Flyer

I set the picture in a super small size cause my face is soooo ugly at it and full of tired on my face haha 

Chinatown part1

Bugis part1


 at Orchard Road

Chinatown part2

Bugis part2

left from Singapore :(

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